- 吉隆坡旧巴生路美女伴游 Panda

TheKLDude吉隆坡美女伴游-The Best TY WL this year


I discovered this TheKLDude吉隆坡美女伴游 TY’s photo in the port’s website yesterday afternoon… her name is Panda….From the photo, she is not a looker & attracted some interest on her….I became interested & curious to see how she look like in person… My interest grew stronger by the evening and I told myself that I’ve got to see her in person… However, I was contemplating whether to go or not because throughout this year I’ve had a not so good & flip-car experiences with Thai girls….So, I had a little setback… But then the interest still grew stronger the more I see her photos (some of you might not find her to be pretty.. but I really like her looks… the kind of looks I’m always attracted to…)..

After I entered the room… I sat myself on the edge of the bed….She was still giggling from the incident… I laughed too and she then sat beside me on the edge of the bed….She asked for the agent code… I told her the code and passed her the money for her… She told me she will give me the change later… Time to head for the shower… She was the first one to stripped her nightie off… By the time I was about to take my boxer off, she was already fully naked….Exposing her sexy body, clean-shaven pussy, curvy ass & her huge melon….I was turned on by what I saw and had semi-erected didi….I was stunned to see her naked body….Like I said earlier, she wasn’t a looker but her body is to die for!… She was waiting for me and smiling watching me taking my boxer off slowly as I was staring at her….She got shy when she noticed I was staring at her and smiled blushingly….
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